Maneuverable in the tightest spaces, N-Go trucks are articulated – translating to tighter turns than any other industrial utility vehicle available today. With an inside turning radius of about 4 feet and a width of about 3 feet, our N-Go vehicles can go full circle in a mere 220 sq. ft. of space.

(New Dump-N-Go!)Dump-N-Go

Now Single or Dual Seats!2-seater!

Versatile. N-Go utility vehicles are quiet and clean, and strong enough for a whole day’s work. We specifically size your power system to your needs. And, since N-Go vehicles feature clean, electric drives, operations costs are lower and environments are cleaner and healthier.

A wide variety of N-Go vehicles are derived from our standard platform – from tugs, to mobile welders, to burden carriers and more. In fact, because our customization is so affordable, our customers often modify our designs to make the best vehicles for their needs.

Performance comes standard with an N-Go industrial truck. Not your ordinary ride, N-Go is designed to do the job of many different vehicles using the same basic platform. We start with a battery-powered flatbed truck and customize it to your needs.

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